Three Things Managers Should Look for in a Staffing Agency


There are plenty of staffing agencies to choose from to find great talent for your organization. Finding a staffing agency that keeps your organization at the forefront of recruiting can be a challenge. It’s important to choose an agency that will ensure they’re providing you with quality employees while you’re also making a great return on your investment.  Here is why The Wherry Group is the staffing agency for you.

Here are three things to look for when choosing an agency to work with: 

Does the Wherry Group lookout for both candidate and client long-term interests?  Candidates that are hired on may only work temporary. But are these are also candidates coming back to the agency to fill future placements? An agency should also make it a priority to hire candidates that are qualified. That can fit into their client’s businesses to encourage permanent placements for them too.  

How do they handle credentialing and reference checking?  Do we have a team to credential candidates to your standards? Yes. Do they reference check candidates?  Yes. Are they able to offer payroll services if you want to try someone out before putting them on your payroll? Yes. These may be extra perks when choosing an agency, but they’re important and could set agencies apart from each other.  

Does The Wherry Group understand your needs?  The initial contact you have with the staffing agency can be the most important. This is the chance for the agency to get a firm understanding of what kind of organization you are and what kind of candidate you’re looking for. The account manager or person in charge of client intake should be asking the appropriate questions so they can work quickly and efficiently to find you a candidate that is qualified and a great fit for the role they’re hired for.  

Before choosing an agency, determine the needs for your organization and the position being hired for while doing research on the agencies available. A staffing agency that is reputable, knowledgeable, and works well for you will become an essential part of your business practices.  

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