How to Effectively Recruit


For some businesses, hiring is the last thing on their mind. This is particularly tough for businesses that haven’t hired around in quite sometime and are now facing huge competition to get the best candidates. Luckily, these ideas will help with recruiting the most talented workers with ease.

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The first step you can take is to team up with someone who has the knowledge and experience you seek. Partnering with a leading staffing agency like The Wherry Group is often the right move for that reason.

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Create an Employee Referral Program

Your next move might be to create an employee referral program. Great employees often associate with like-minded people. If they love working with you, they’re more likely to refer others to work for you too.

You can incentivize this program to encourage your employees. Keep in mind that not everyone who is recommended will be a great candidate, but referral programs do tend to have high success rates.

Develop Criteria for the “Ideal” Worker

What skills does the ideal worker have? What experience should a worker have? Think about the traits you’d like in your new employees. Education, experience, and training are all important, but don’t forget about soft skills or traits like being a self-starter.

Once you’ve had a chance to write down the traits that your new team members should have, you can compare applications and interview notes against this “ideal.” In this way, you’ll be in a better position to pick the best candidates.

Consider Offering Some “Perks”

If you want to get the best people to apply to your open roles, you must be competitive with other employers.

You also want these people to consider your company if you make them a job offer, and you’ll probably want them to consider you again if another role comes up. You might even want some of them to recommend other employees or to consider a permanent position with you.

To that end, you’ll want to be sure you’re offering the right compensation package. Benefits, competitive wages, and other “perks” can go a long way in convincing a candidate that you’re the right company to work for. If you want the top talent, then you need to be the top employer.

Advertise in the Right Places

Finally, make sure you’re putting your job ad in the right places. The job search has moved largely online, so you might want to consider some online outlets. There could be specialized sites or networks for these particular positions.

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