How to Choose the Right Employment Agency


Whether you’re a candidate looking for a new job, or a client needing help finding more qualified candidates, you’ll have many options out there when it comes to staffing agencies that can help you in your search.

A few of the main things to consider include:

1. Level of Quality

The first thing you need to look for is some indication of the level of quality. Not only in regards to the candidates they will present to you, but you’ll also want to inquire about their retention rate. Are companies coming back to use their services again for additional positions? It’s also a good idea to ask for a corporate reference from a current client.

2. What’s the Price Tag?

How much will it cost to work with the agency you’re considering? You’ll get what you pay for, so make sure you identify a company that will provide you with a cost efficient business solution. If you’re approached by a staffing agency and their recruitment fees are very low compared to the competition, there’s usually a reason for that. This is a red flag, and may not provide you with the quality you need. Compare different agencies, and meet with them in person to get a better understanding of the services they will provide and what’s included in their fees.

3. Level of Ease to Work With the Employment Agency

Avoid agencies that will make you jump through hoops to work with them. For example, are they doing a good job taking a job order, or do they keep coming back for more questions? If you are hiring for various different job types, it’s great to find a staffing agency that can service multiple business units. It will simplify the process and you know you’re always working with someone you can trust to bring good candidates to your company.

Before we start working with a client, we will research them, have in-depth conversations with their hiring team and visit their facilities to get to know them and what makes a candidate successful in their company culture. 

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