3 Recruiting Strategies For Hiring Top Healthcare Leaders


Even a high-end healthcare facility with access to advanced technology, top-grade research-based resources is a hollow shell without a winning crew taking the lead in providing the absolute best care in the world. No wonder companies spend millions on perfecting their recruiting strategies. The backbone of any successful business is a team of talented and highly engaged employees. Here are 3 recruiting strategies for hiring top healthcare leaders! Great employees are motivated, exuberant, and enthusiastic about each new day at work. They are your hidden aces that will catapult your company to being one of the very best.

This is exactly why you should analyze your current recruiting strategies and determine if they are helping or harming your capacity to hire a winning team.

The Benefits That Come With The Right Employees

The effect the right individuals can have within your company is profound. ‘Right’ here doesn’t necessarily mean more talented. Good qualifications and talent are, of course, essential. Then again, there are thousands of highly qualified individuals all over the country, but they can’t all be what your facility needs, right?

You’re on the right track! Great employees are more than just highly qualified individuals. They are vibrant and excited about coming in to work. They have the determination and ambition to succeed and are happy in their place within your company’s framework.

Keep in mind there is another variety of employees out there in the market. People that are unsure of what they are looking for or what they have to offer. Indeed, this is what pre-determines them to be disengaged in a job no matter how great an opportunity is for them.

According to Gallup, up to 64% of employees are disengaged. This means they are incapable of giving their 100% because they aren’t content with their jobs. So, how can you avoid contributing to this disheartening statistic?

There is no need to worry. The hiring techniques we will discuss below are sure to help you find great employees –  especially top healthcare leaders -without breaking a sweat.

Top 3 Recruiting Strategies To Hire Great Healthcare Leaders

Studies show that talented and engaged employees are 27% more likely to deliver excellent performances. This level of increased productivity directly affects returns by improving a business’s service quality and efficiency.

Consequently, here are our top recruiting strategies for hiring healthcare professionals to take your organization to the next level.

1.      Holistic Recruitment And Marketing Plan

Marketing and recruitment go hand in hand whether you like it or not. Matthew Jeffrey, global head of sourcing at SAP software solutions, said it best.

“Recruitment IS marketing. If you’re a recruiter nowadays and you don’t see yourself as a marketer, you’re in the wrong profession.”

The 21st century is the age of tech-savvy individuals who like to know everything they can about a company before signing an employment contract. People also tend to dig deeper than the surface-level offers of good wages. They want to learn about a company’s morals, principles, company culture, and potential future opportunities. In fact, 92% of candidates say that employer branding is a major resource for them.

If you aren’t at the very forefront of your marketing campaign advertising all that you have to offer to these potential employees, you will lose out on a massive percentage of market talent. Some other competitor with a more vocal marketing campaign will swoop in and steal all your potentially great employees.

To prevent that, work out a marketing plan specifically to attract passive and active candidates the same way you would market to clients and customers.

2.      Adopt Newer Social Media Platforms

The social media sphere as we know it is continually in flux. As a communication medium driven by consumer mindset, social media is not immune to changing trends. Therefore, creating a handle on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter isn’t enough anymore.

As the newer generation is stepping into the market as potential workers, you would benefit from reaching them on the more popular platforms in their circle. Instagram, for example, is a Millennial favorite.

Furthermore, while Facebook is one of the most used platforms today, with 87% of Millennials logging in on several times a week, only 36% of Generation Z use Facebook giving more attention to YouTube (89%), Instagram (74%), and Snapchat (68%).

That said, you can benefit from widening your social media presence and reaching a more significant number of people, especially the younger generation, to find the best employees for your company.

3.      Expand Your Talent Pool for Healthcare Leaders

A sure-fire way to hiring the best possible employees is simply by widening your search. If you look at a thousand prospective candidates instead of five hundred, you will end up with a few more individuals that fit your requirements.

A broader social media presence is just one way to widen your candidate demographic. There’s so much more you can do to expand your talent pool.

Aim for diverse hiring, for instance, and market well to get the message across as far as possible that your company is looking for diverse talent. This includes using a variety of social platforms for marketing purposes.

Often employees can be discouraged by an unspoken impression they may get from the company that seems less keen on hiring anyone that doesn’t fit a strict recruitment criterion. However, you can absolve your brand of this impression by forgoing a traditional job description.

Of course, you should still aim to find talented and qualified individuals, but you can relax the age limits and expected experience. Allow fresh graduates to try their hand in your company should you think they have the ambition, determination, and desire to learn.

Summing It Up

The world is advancing quickly in a bid to one-up its own current technology. Hence, you can expect to see trends come and go even more quickly – fashion and food or marketing and recruitment. The peoples’ wishes are what makes the world turn, so you need to keep up the pace, or you’ll be left behind in the dust.

Creating holistic recruitment and marketing strategies for seeking active and passive healthcare professionals for your organization is a great way to keep pace with these trends. You can also pitch your vacant positions and job opportunities on social media channels where your target audience might reside.  Furthermore, aim to seek out social media options that might be new to you and have candidates from different backgrounds and critical skills for your company. You will benefit from expanding your horizons while looking for top talent. One of the great ways to do that is by expanding your talent network, broadening your search for the right people to bring new innovative ideas to your company.

If you incorporate all these ideas into your marketing and recruiting strategies, you are on the right track toward finding top talent and nurturing the right people for your organization.

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